Desc : Band manager Luke kisses his wife goodbye bye as he sets off on a road trip to Salzburg. He passes a beautiful young hitchihiker on the way and though he's tempted to, he doesn't stop to offer her a ride. When fate has it that the two cross paths at a gas station up the road, they finally meet. Rina asks him where he's headed next and when he tells her, she asks if she can come along. On the road together, they talk about music and travel as Rina kicks her cute feet up on the dash and tans her beautiful legs. The chemistry builds as they spend time together in such close proximity, getting to know one another.When they stop for the night, Luke has a reservation but there are no rooms left at the hotel for Rina, which means she'll have to bunk with Luke....when he tells her where he's headed he takes it a sign and oiffers her a ride (she asks). Band manager of a band she is a fan of (Karma). Stops at a hotel and there isn't an extra room for Rina. akward elevator ride and they fuck in the hotel room !

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