: PRESENTS.. Leanna Sweet

Christmas Surprise  Nekane's boyfriend showed up for Christmas with a nonplus that was for her eyes only! But sitting around the living room by the tree, Chad had to wait even longer for Nekane's step-mother Leanna Sweet to leave them alone, ergo he could all over Nekane the special gift he'd been daydreaming about giving her for weeks: his gumshoe in a box. While Leanna was away, Chad gifted Nekane his chubby hard cock to play with. It was just their lucky Leanna walked back in while Nekane was sitting her high horse characteristic while giving Chad a blowjob. Seeing her step-daughter 69 didn't bother Leanna, it only got her in the mood to teach Nekane ho to deepthroat take a shine to a pro. Leanna inserted herself buy the action, and got her share of Chad's cock in the cranky threesome that followed!

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